Custom Simulator Graphics

Thorskan provides world class simulator graphics across a range of industries that can be custom tailored to fit your needs. By taking a client centric approach, we offer simulation visuals that significantly improve training efficiency, reduce costs, and add meaningful value to your business. The level of detail and functionality is determined at your specific direction, and can include everything from a comprehensive overhaul with high fidelity graphics and dynamic features to a targeted upgrade within your existing architecture.

We challenge market standards and can create simulator graphics with up to 120 FPS, 9mln polygons and 4 miles of visibility to provide photorealistic visuals that rival their real-life counterparts. Leveraging our experience with powerful gaming and non-gaming engines, we’re able to deliver all necessary systems, such as dynamic weather and lightning, automated spline tools for essential elements such as track, roads, and bridges or traffic filled with agents from our AI System. We have the experience to improve your simulation training program in a way that is both cost-effective and innovative.