Innovative & Customized 3D Visual Solutions


Thorskan creates simulation visuals for real-life training applications. Using data derived from CGI and/or 3D scanning, we can implement with your existing architecture or build anew to generate interactive environments complete with the functionality required to recreate real-life scenarios. Our deep experience capturing details with tremendous precision such us textures, spaces, light, and weather among others, allows us to produce visually stunning user environments. Thorskan simulator graphics increase efficiency and reduce costs while providing top quality realism.  Our simulation solutions are designed to work in conjunction with existing in-house processes or as a standalone.


Thorskan Inc. is an innovative technology firm that specializes in simulator graphics & 3D visual solutions for industries across the globe. Through the skillful implementation of the latest technology, Thorskan is able to produce world class simulation visuals with exceptional photorealism. The passion for developing interactive 3D environments and top tier visuals allows our solutions to set the benchmark for quality and value.

Thorskan’s high fidelity visual solutions increase training efficiency and effectiveness while providing the best possible simulation products for its clients. From custom designs to integration and support, Thorskan’s experienced team of dedicated engineers and designers ensure the highest level of user satisfaction.

Execution is important today but innovation is vital for tomorrow. By taking a client centric approach we seek to stay at the forefront of technology through the development of influential market driven solutions.


We Specialize In:

  • Custom Specific and Non-Specific Simulator Graphics
  • Interactive 3D Environments
  • High Quality Visuals of 3D Models with Photorealistic Textures
  • Real Time Animations


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