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Thorskan creates simulation visuals for real-life training applications. Using data derived from CGI and/or 3D scanning, we can implement with your existing architecture & generate environments complete with the interactive functionality required to recreate real-life scenarios. Our deep experience for capturing details with tremendous precision such us textures, spaces, light, and weather among others, allows us to produce visually rich user environments. Thorskan simulations increase efficiency and reduce costs while providing top quality realism.


Thorskan is an innovative 3D technology firm that delivers robust customized solutions for industries across the globe.

Through the skillful implementation of the latest technology, Thorskan is able to produce world-class visuals and exceptional photorealism. The passion for creating interactive 3D environments & dynamic visuals drives us to deliver second to none solutions for our clients. Our vision is clear: to create beautiful visuals with stunning photorealism for those who want to be at the forefront of 3D technology.

Thorskan currently draws on the deep experience of its team and shared needs of its clients to deliver industry leading 3D visuals and textures. Using CGI, 3D scanning, WebGL, & the art of photogrammetry, we take a disruptive approach that challenges traditional boundaries and serves as the benchmark for top-tier quality.

We Specialize In:

• Interactive 3D environments
• High quality visuals of 3D models with photorealistic textures
• Real time animations


Execution is important today but innovation is vital for tomorrow. By investing in our team and our partners, we seek to stay at the forefront of technology through the development of influential market driven solutions. Continued development will evolve in areas such as:

-Augmented Reality
-3D Digital Heritage Preservation
-Defense & Military Training
-Real Estate
-Law Enforcement Investigation Enhancement
-Film Production & Special Effects

Thorskan Inc.
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Thorskan Sp. Z o.o.
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