Thorskan Inc. is a custom simulator graphics and 3D solutions firm that provides industry leading visuals across various segments including transportation, disaster management, medical, defense, aviation, energy and more. Our services and solutions can be used in combination with existing processes or as a standalone.

Through the skillful application of proprietary technology, Thorskan is able to produce world class simulation visuals with exceptional photorealism at the total lowest cost. The passion for developing dynamic 3D environments and top tier textures allows our solutions to set the benchmark for quality and value.

Thorskan’s high fidelity visual solutions significantly reduce costs while increasing training efficiency and effectiveness. From the streamlining and automation of environments to AI development and support, Thorskan’s deeply experienced team of engineers and designers guarantee the highest levels of satisfaction.

Execution is essential today but innovation is vital for tomorrow. Through the delivery of influential market driven solutions, we enable our clients to stay at the forefront of technology.